Mission: Father Michael J. McGivney sought to strengthen the familial bond of a father to mother and children to parents. Our family programs are an evolution and response to a society that seeks to weaken the bonds of family. We must make it clear that society should value a family that is faithful to God and each other.


Of all the areas in the Family program that could be shared, one that has become very important, both for the Knights and other Church parishioners, is the Brian's Bags Project. This is a relatively new initiative that has brought a broad spectrum of parishioners together under a common goal: collecting, assembling, and distributing a variety of basic necessities to homeless people throughout southeast Michigan.

Whether it is monetary donations, purchasing products, helping to assemble the bags, or delivering them direct to the homeless on the streets, there is a need that Knights and non-Knights alike can participate in which covers a broad spectrum of the Charitable Works of Mercy: give water to the thirsty, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, etc. Participation is encouraged on all levels, as individuals, families, teens needing "work hours, etc".

A one-gallon plastic bag contains a bottle of water, pair of socks, a selection of cookies, crackers with tuna or chicken salad, first aid kit, shampoo, toothbrush & paste, deodorant, hand wipes, etc. For those who donate products, all items are purchased from the Dollar Tree store, and a shopping list can be provided to assist with specific products.

The Brian's Bag project was initiated by a woman whose brother was homeless and eventually died of exposure. She developed this program to provide support for other homeless persons as a memorial to her brother, Brian. The Knights at St Patrick Church adopted this initiative in 2019 in an effort to bring effective, concrete help to those anonymous persons living in our midst.




The Knights are always looking to recognize individuals, a family, or a group of individuals who excel in Christian service to others.

Some past recipients have been recognized for their help on the sanctuary renovation project; upgrading and operating the live-stream of Sunday Mass during the pandemic; initiating and sharing expertise for the Lenten Fish Dinners.


This initiative was started in 2019 and has continued to be a great success every summer since. The Knights provide free food (hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, salads, desserts, ice cream, and drinks) for everyone. Many families choose to bring and share their favorite picnic foods, desserts, salads, etc.

Games for the "kids from 1-99" are coordinated by Knights and their families; entertainment is provided by local celebrities (even Elvis, & 'Lil' Elvis) and everyone is encouraged to sing and dance. You might even find a display of vintage cars, a wood-turner making "tops" for the children; a bounce house for the kids; a baseball game; or the Boy Scouts demonstrating their talents of hatchet throwing, archery, or baking a cherry cobbler over an open fire!

This day is reminiscent of the family picnics of yesteryear. All parishioners are invited, and local neighbors are encouraged to join us. Bring your extended families and friends.