Council Scouting and School Liaison responsibilities

As the school liaison, the Knights of Columbus maintain contact with school officials and teachers to provide information in both directions regarding projects that may be beneficial between our groups. One of the projects that we have been working on is the Meditation Gardens area north of the school. We have been working jointly with three Scouts working on their Eagle projects to develop a sitting area where the teachers can bring their class outside for lectures or classes. The principal has been very inspirational in this project.

As the scout liaison, the Knights of Columbus maintain contact with Boy Scout & Girl Scout Leaders to provide information regarding projects that we as Knights are working on that may be able to benefit the scouts as well. Projects that may provide opportunities for advancement or group projects. As noted above we provided three opportunities for scouts to do their eagle projects. We also make ourselves available as Knights to assist the troops when they need extra adult help.

The Knights of Columbus are also involved with “Coats for Kids”. We work with a local school that has families in need and every fall we get a list from the school with a count of how many boys and girls and their sizes so we can provide them with warm jackets for the fall and winter. Our council reaches out to businesses in our community to help us donate these coats. What is not covered by the donations the council covers the costs. Coats for Kids is a very rewarding program and we are always looking for members to volunteer some time reaching out to local businesses.

Open Door Outreach Center is a local organization that provides help for those in need regarding food, clothing, and home essentials at low or no cost to them. We as Knights provide help by volunteering to work at their stores and pantry. Currently, we are working to help open up a new pantry that is larger and more accessible than the current smaller building. We also work with them with fundraising projects when needed.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of these areas please contact Jim Chamberlain through e-mail or by phone at 248-320-4536.