The St. Patrick Knights of Columbus Council No. 13319

Established 2003

Dan Remeika of the Michigan State Council made a presentation about the Knights and the good work they do. He challenged the men of the parish to gather and form a council. Within a month, we had assembled the requisite 30 men who were willing to join.

A 1st-Degree ceremony was held in Paddy Hall in which the members were initiated.

From there, the council sought out ways to make a difference.

In the first few years, the charitable giving was limited as the council relied mostly on dues money to fund its work. But that changed with the creation of the Lenten Fish Fries in 2005.

Denny Behen, who later became a brother Knight, had owned the Bogey Lake Golf Course, where he served a famous fried fish dinner at what he called Bogey Bashes. The dinners developed a huge following but that ended when the course closed in 2003.

Denny agreed to provide us his recipe and even offered to bring in his family members to help cook.

The Council advertised the dinners as “Bogey Lake” style and fish and chips and the Lenten Fish fries were born. Diners lined up for hours to enjoy them again.

The volunteers also lined up to help, with about 100 people needed to make the dinners work.

Over the years, those fish fries have helped raise hundreds of the thousands of dollars, which the Knights have used to fund charitable outreach to our parish, our community and beyond.

The Knights support Christian Service Ministry, St. Vincent De Paul, the Open Door Outreach Center, St. Francis Camp, Special Olympics, crisis pregnancy centers, seminarians studying for the priesthood and dozens of other groups seeking to do good.


State Awards

2018: Church Service Award – Divine Restoration project

2016: Family Service Award – Joseph Penrod project

2008: Church Service Award – Historic Chapel restoration project

Council Awards

STAR Council Award: 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20